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How it works

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How online study works, why it’s worth it and what you need to get started

How online study works, why it’s worth it and what you need to get started

The IUBH online study experience

Our study is completely tailored to you.

You can study comfortably at home with digital learning materials, decide for yourself when and where you want to visit a lecture online and take your exams online on demand 24/7 (Here’s how it works ). You can watch a video lecture on your couch at home, listen to a podcast on your way to work or read through an eBook on your iPad during lunch.

But that doesn't mean you will be studying all by yourself. Use our online campus to interact with your fellow classmates, tutors or students services to get all the support you need.

Need more reasons why?

We’re there for you
You can talk to your professors, tutors and course mates in online chats and forums. Our coaches support you on your individual journey to successful study.

We prepare you for the real world
With current, practical curricula, we prepare you perfectly for the challenges of a career in management at an international level.

Why study online?
Online studies at IUBH give you the chance to advance your career with a high-quality academic degree all at lower costs. You save on tuition, profit from lower living expenses and are able to work alongside your study.

Getting started

Do you want to take your chance and make the next step on your career path? Congratulations on your decision! All you have to do now is enrol and get going straight away.

  • 100% recognised and accredited
  • Start anytime
  • No deadlines
  • At your own pace, place and time

Distinctions, Rankings and Certificates

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So, what happens next?

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