How to study online?
What do I need for applying?

Admission Criteria

How you can study with us, what the prerequisites are and whether it’s right for you

How you can study with us, what the prerequisites are and whether it’s right for you

Before you apply

Before making an application, please ensure, that you fulfil our entry requirements. If you have any questions in regards to the entry requirements, or anything else regarding the online degrees at IUBH, please do not hesitate to contact our student recruitment team.

If you want to get a better understanding of how to apply for a IUBH study programme, please take a look at our "Five steps to Application (PDF)".


Here you can find the admission requirements for our Bachelor, Master and MBA programmes.
Eligibility Criteria Bachelor programmes
Eligibility Criteria MBA programmes
Eligibility Criteria Master programmes

English Skills

  • TOEFL (min. 80 points) or
  • IELTS (min. Level 6) or
  • Duolingo English test (min. 95 points) or
  • Cambridge Certificate (min. B grade overall) or
  • Equivalent proof
  • The proof must be provided before the start of the study and must not be older than two years. If English is your native language or you graduated from an English-speaking school/university, you do not have to prove your English skills.

Work experience

  • MBA: Proof of at least two years of relevant work experience by the end of the programme
  • Master Data Science and Master Artificial Intelligence: Proof of at least one year of relevant work experience before commencing your study

I really enjoy the online campus

“I am very happy with IUBH Online so far. My MBA programme is great. I am really happy with the good course selection and the professional lecturers that give online lectures.”

Khalid, MBA student at IUBH

Rankings and Memberships

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