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What do I need?

What do I need for an online course?

How you can study with us, what the prerequisites are and whether it’s right for you.

How you can study with us, what the prerequisites are and whether it’s right for you.

Do you have what it needs?

As an IUBH student, you will be part of a group of smart and ambitious people who want to raise their professional career to the next level. Here is what you should bring to the table:


For our Master and MBA programmes you need a Bachelor's degree, English language skills and professional experience.
Eligibility Criteria

Personal skills

Are you ready to go the extra mile for your career? Then you have exactly what it takes to start online study. By completing an online programme at IUBH, you will demonstrate self-discipline, excellent time management, motivation and perseverance – skills that are in high demand on the international job market.

English skills

This course involves reading learning content and undertaking a range of written assessments and engaging in online forums and discussions. Furthermore, the delivery mode relies on the extensive use of written communication.

Digital Equipment

Your study will take place entirely online. This means you will need a stable Internet connection, a suitable device (smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or PC) and have basic computing skills.
Minimum specifications for your computer are the following


As The IUBH is an online-learning institution, no visa is required to study with us and you won’t study on campus. Instead you simply study with us wherever you are in the world.

Easy application process with IUBH

“The application process was an easy one. My academic advisor worked with me every step of the application process. They helped me so that I would not only be accepted but also would be considered for a scholarship to study with IUBH.”

Zola, Master student at IUBH

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