How to study online? What do I need?
Is eLearning suitable for me?

Is eLearning suitable for me?

Yes! Unless you really don't like great flexibility, tailor-made programmes or cutting-edge technology.

Yes! Unless you really don't like great flexibility, tailor-made programmes or cutting-edge technology.

An entire campus at your fingertips

Studying online doesn’t mean that you study alone. Our virtual campus not only gives you access to your study materials, it also gives you the opportunity to exchange with your course mates in chatrooms and forums, ask your tutors questions, get advice from coaches and much more. Want to know how it works? Simply ask for more information and you will receive a test access pass.

Where will I study?

Anywhere! As long as you are online, you can access your study materials as e-books, videos or podcasts, use our learning apps or take your exams anywhere in the world on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to study at home or on a bench in the park – the study is suited to your life and your needs.

IUBH online exams

At IUBH, you don’t just study online, you can also take your exams online. Easy accessible and as flexible as possible.  Take your exams at any time of day, on any day of the year, without having to wait. Simply log in to your IUBH student system, take your exam, done.

Here’s how it works

Is it really right for me?

Here are a few answers to some important questions:

There are many ways to finance distance learning. For example, you can receive study credit or a bursary. In addition, more and more employers are supporting their employees by covering all or some of their tuition fees. After all, the boss profits too if his/her employees bring their new knowledge to the company.

A graduate degree, especially a Master’s degree, quickly pays for itself. Experts estimate that MA graduates earn around 300‘000 euros more than BA graduates throughout their life.

Yes. IUBH has been officially recognised since 1999. Our online courses are accredited by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) and the ZFU (German Institute for Distance Learning). These accreditations are given to courses that meet the current academic standards with a structure that follows all the formal government guidelines and with a qualified teaching staff and adequate resources. Five of our courses have been awarded the FIBAA premium seal, certifying the extraordinary quality of the study programmes we offer. With five or more premium seals, the IUBH is one of the leading universities in Germany.

Online degrees are also incredibly valuable for employers. People who study online demonstrate that they are disciplined, can work independently and are highly motivated with excellent time management skills – qualities that are really important for companies.

What’s more: 94% recommend our online courses! *

*according to

You can complete our courses in one, two or three years. Depending on the timescale, you can continue to work alongside your studies or still have enough time for your family. Longer study terms are also easier on your schedule as well as your wallet as the monthly tuition fees are reduced when you opt to study over two or three years.

Studying online over a longer period of time means that you take less courses per semester (6 months).

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