Study at IUBH without Coronavirus impact

IUBH Online is specialized on 100% online studies. In times of Coronavirus, we want to provide the best solution for people in quarantine and isolation to easily follow there study dreams but also to be able to protect their loved ones.

Even though you are in quarantine due to Coronavirus, we ensure a smooth, feasibile and easy to access online study experience.

We will provide strong regional scholarships of up to 66% for all students who enrol until the 30th of June, 2020.*
*Level of Scholarship depends on your location

Remaining until the end of the Scholarship Initiative:

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Facts and figures

Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Fees - Scholarship Initiative
60 ECTS:
12 months for 12,400 4,744€*
329€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee
24 months for 14,084 5,317€*
188€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee

120 ECTS:
24 months for 15,990 5,965€*
215€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee
48 months for 16,605 6,174€*
112€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee
Start of study
Anytime (no fixed start date or enrolment deadlines)
60 or 120 ECTS
Study language
Post-study work option

18 months post-study work visa, EU Blue Card*

*Final decision is on German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cannot be guaranteed by IUBH. Extra costs may incur for campus studies in the last semester.

Study duration
Standard period of study
60 ECTS: 12 months
120 ECTS: 24 months
Different time models possible
Study model
Online study incl. online exams 24/7
*Scholarships are not available to students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Your career is our passion

Distance learning at IUBH offers a great chance to truly develop on a personal and professional level. You can push your career opportunities massively through 100% online, fully flexible and practice-oriented study. That’s why IUBH designs programmes and courses to be as flexible and innovative as possible but without sacrificing the very high IUBH quality.

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