Master of Business Administration

IUBH Scholarship Initiative - starting from 70€ per month*

IUBH Scholarship Initiative - starting from 70€ per month*

Study & then work in Germany
100% online or study your last semester in Germany and be eligible for a Blue Card (18-month VISA in Germany to find work)
30,000+ Students
Join IUBH, one of the largest universities in Germany
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IUBH Scholarship Initiative for Non-EU Applicants

"Education should not be a question of your financial situation": IUBH is a universitiy that promotes professional and personal developement, tailored to every student’s individual needs.

To continue our commitment to affordable education, we will provide strong regional scholarships of up to 13,000€ for all students who enrol until the 29th of February, 2020.* This will give you the unique opportunity to earn your internationally recognized and esteemed MBA or Master's degree without financial difficulty.

Total fees for our programmes start at only 2,499€!*
*Scholarship only available to non-EU students

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Facts and figures

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Fees - Scholarship Initiative
12 months for 12,400 2,499€*
142€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee

24 months for 14,084 2,799€*
84€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee

18 months for 15,990 2,999€*
123€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee

36 months for 16,605 3,299€*
70€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee
60 or 90 ECTS
Big Data Management | Engineering Management | Finance & Accounting | IT Management | Marketing
Start of study
Anytime (no fixed start date or enrolment deadlines)
Study language
Post-study work option
18 months post-study work visa, EU Blue Card
Study duration
The standard period of study:
12 or 18 months
Different time models possible
Study model
Online study incl. online exams 24/7
*Only until the 29th of February, 2020 for non-EU students who apply for a scholarship

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