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Get up 60% towards your fees in Scholarships

Get up 60% towards your fees in scholarships

IUBH Scholarship Initiative* :
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IUBH Scholarship Initiative*
Apply until the end of December and save up to 13.000€
*Scholarships are only available to Non-EU students at current time
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Apply now
200 scholarships available
Save up to 13,000€
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Facts & figures:

Degrees covered
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Study language
Fees - Scholarship Initiative
12 months for 12,400 2,499€*
142€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee

24 months for 14,084 2,799€*
84€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee

18 months for 15,990 2,999€*
123€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee

36 months for 16,605 3,299€*
70€ p. month* + 800€ graduation fee
Types of scholarship
  • Women in Leadership and Management
  • STEM / MINT Professional
  • Future Entrepreneur
  • Academic
  • Online Learner
Post-study work option
18 months post-study work visa, EU Blue Card
*Only until the 31th of December for non-EU students who apply for a scholarship

Distinctions, Rankings and Certificates

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