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As a marketing expert, you can analyse brand values and determine the factors that drive the increase or loss of a consumer-based brand. Through the development and implementation of targeted marketing strategies, you enliven the day-to-day business in the business-to-business or business-to-costumer area. You position brands in the market, recognise and eliminate possible crises, integrate customer relationship concepts, organise social media activities and recognise employees as the key to success. In particular, maintaining customer relationships and customer satisfaction is your central focus in the company.

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The huge corporate demand for globally-oriented executives and IUBH’s excellent reputation in academia and industry gives IUBH graduates huge leverage for a successful career, whether in their country of origin, in Germany or one of 25 Schengen countries covered by a post-study work permit.

Career prospects

"A broad scope of duties awaits a future Marketing Manager. Classically, the entry into the career occurs via product management or sales, but the tasks evolve in a very dynamic way. In the age of digitalisation, analytical skills are becoming increasingly important, as illustrated by the fields of big data and by the challenges in online marketing. Due to the dynamism in this professional field, we at the IUBH are focused on enabling the students to be able to handle the constantly-increasing flow of information, to recognise structures, and to critically question concepts. IUBH provides an education which is heavily practice-oriented, so that our graduates are immediately ready for work, and so that they know what to expect in their future career. Their career prospects are good because, thanks to digitalisation, many new fields are opening up in marketing in which young executives can very quickly make a name for themselves as ‘digital natives’.“

Prof. Dr. Claudia Bornemeyer
Prorector IUBH

Rankings and Certificates

Cheranking- IUBH Online
Fibaa- IUBH Online
Tedqual - IUBH Online
Wissenschaftsrat - IUBH Online

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