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IUBH Scholarship programme

What does it take?

If you believe in your career, apply for a scholarship now and let us help you unfold your full potential.

If you believe in your career, apply for a scholarship now and let us help you unfold your full potential.

IUBH Scholarships

Looking to join us as an international online student?

IUBH gives you an opportunity to apply for one of our many scholarships. However, please be aware that our scholarships are only available to Non-EU students at this time. Apply today!

We want to make it possible for anyone to take their chance and that’s why we offer various scholarships.

  • Women in Leadership and Management:
    Eligibility: This scholarship is for female applicants who can demonstrate leadership and management potential in a global business environment both with extraordinary academic merits and with an established record of accomplishment of excellence in their chosen career.
  • STEM/MINT Professionals:
    Eligibility: Students with a proven outstanding career achievement in a technical field that will contribute to the peer learning experience at IUBH.
  • Future Entrepreneur:
    Eligibility: Students who possess the entrepreneurial spirit and have proven track record of starting, or bring part of, a start-up. They will demonstrate the achievements and challenges they have faced during this phase.
  • Academic:
    Eligibility: Students who either attained outstanding results in their previous academic programmes, while also demonstrating proof of high achievement. From these students we expect valuable contribution to class discussions and team building.
  • Online Learner:
    Eligibility: Students who can show that they have done, and completed an online programme, whether a short or long programme. This shows IUBH that they are keen online learners and will thrive in the online degree.

Student advisory

How do I get a scholarship?

Easy application process

"Finances were a major concern for me being able to study in my desired master’s program. However, my academic advisor worked with me in every step of the application process so that I would not only be accepted, but also would be considered for a scholarship to study with IUBH. I am so grateful to have received a scholarship from IUBH! This scholarship has enabled me to begin a seemingly impossible master’s program due to the amount of money the program would cost for me."

Brittany Heitling
Master of Business Administration Student

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