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The IUBH Team

As an educational institution we are only as good as our fantastic people working with us.

As an educational institution we are only as good as our fantastic people working with us.


As a university of over 35,000 students, we have been successfully offering Bachelors and Masters degrees for over 15 years. Our programme leaders have extensive practical experience, which they incorporate into their teaching and thus pass on their experience to you.

A selection of professors and lecturers at IUBH:

Prof. Dr. Stefanie André

Dr. Natalie Bäcker

Prof. Dr. Andrea Beetz

Prof. Dr. Marian Benner-Wickner

Prof. Dr. Georg Berkel

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bestmann

Nora Bilz

Prof. Dr. Mario Boßlau

Dr. Michael Broens

Prof. Dr. Tobias Brückmann

Dr. Christina Buschle

Prof. Dr. Marco de Pinto

Prof. Dr. Christos Evangelinos

Prof. Dr. Patrick Fehling

Prof. Dr. Regina Frey-Cordes

Caterina Fox

Prof. Dr. Ernesto Gambarte

Prof. Dr. Patrick Geus

Dr. Bibiana Grassinger

Prof. Dr. Michael Grömling

Prof. Dr. Dirk Gutzeit

Prof. Dr. Anke Haag

Prof. Dr. Susanne Haenel

Prof. Dr. Karin Halbritter

Dr. Esther Hartwich

Dr. Jessica Hastenteufel

Prof. Dr. Martina Heer

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Heidtke

Prof. Dr. Mario Herrmann

Dr. Sonja Hofauer

Prof. Dr. André Hollstein

Dieter Jäger

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaiser

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kerzel

Prof. Dr. Esther Klees

Prof. Dr. Ralf Kneuper

Kay Künzel

Oliver Kussinger

Prof. Dr. Dominik Mantey

Prof. Dr. Michaela Moser

Prof. Dr. Claudia Möller

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neunert

Prof. Dr. Jörn Oldenburg

Prof. Dr. Jan Pieper

Prof. Dr. Julia Pitters

Prof. Dr. Verena Renneberg

Dr. Leonardo Riccardi

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sälzer

Prof. Dr. Heike Schiebeck

Dr. Robert Schmidt

Prof. Dr. Linda Schnorbus

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schübel

Dr. Jürgen-Matthias Seeler

Prof. Dr. Michaela Seybold

Prof. Dr. Florian Spitra

Dr. Kristina Sommer

Dr. Maya Stagge

Prof. Dr. Fabian van Essen

Prof. Dr. Moritz Venschott

Prof. Dr. Hans-Arthur Vogel

Prof. Dr. Hubert Vogl

Prof. Dr. Maren Weber

Dr. Alexandra Wuttig

Prof. Dr. Nicola Zech

Prof. Dr. Thomas Zöller


You can find Rectorate members of IUBH International University of Applied Sciences here.

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