Your Career Opportunities
Transform your career

Transform your career

With a recognised German degree, you are giving your career the perfect head start.

With a recognised German degree, you are giving your career the perfect head start.

Maximise your career success

The huge corporate demand for globally-oriented executives and IUBH’s excellent reputation in academia and industry gives IUBH graduates huge leverage for a successful career, whether in their country of origin, in Germany or one of 25 Schengen countries covered by a post-study work permit.

Make the most of your opportunities with online study at IUBH:

  • Earn more: Master graduates earn around 300‘000 euros more than Bachelor graduates throughout their professional career
  • Improve your credentials
  • Expand your network with international contacts
  • Profit from Germany’s heavy demand for highly qualified professionals

Job chances with an IUBH Online degree

Rankings and Memberships

I will find a great job, thanks to my European degree

“I want to achieve a good life, with a good salary and great career opportunities. The IUBH Online MBA study programme supports me to work my way up to the top and experience a better life.”

Kirpal, MBA student at IUBH

IUBH graduates are in high-demand across the world

General management know-how is becoming more and more importance in today’s business climate. Our graduates boast intercultural awareness, excellent English skills and extensive knowledge of general management, opening the door to coveted positions and giving them the best start for a career as a manager in various fields and industries. The figures from our graduate surveys speak for themselves:

find a job

94% of our graduates find a job within the first six months of graduating.

accredited programmes

Our programmes are internationally accredited and state recognised.

are fastly promoted

90% are promoted in the first three years

salary increase

Our graduates’ salaries increase on average by 10% per year

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